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Howdy! This is Amy's dad here. I took many photos at the Graduation Ceremony and figured that I would try to create this site for you all.
You all did a great job!!

Not to get mushy or anything here, but I would like to let you all know that Ms. Brenda & I sure have enjoyed watching you all grow up.

I realize that your circle of "tight" friends has evolved through the years, and that is OK. Hopefully you will remember that you all have experienced various degrees
of closeness, good times, not so good times, etc. with a diverse group of people. Years from now, you hopefully will recall these days and interactions as meaningful, etc.

Sort of like those chicks in that "Now and Then" movie. Remember when that came to town? It sure was a thrill for me to see Demi Moore smoking that cigar!

Well, enough of that chick-type talk; beginning to sound like a Rosie show here.

Good Luck, May God Bless You All and Take Care,

Mr. Jim

First of all, here is Brenda & Jim. I just wanted to remind you that I still fit into my high school letter jacket!


The Big Three

Haley and Amy

Lindsey looks worried - has she forgotten something?

Oh yeah, I did put on my white dress under this robe.

Hmmm, I wonder how far to the left I can make my eyes go? Where is my momma?

Hey - I see Aunt Kathy and Mr. Jim acting like idiots up in the stands!

Fuzzy photo of chicks in white robes.

Found in the crowd - Kristie Collins

Found in the crowd - Lauren, Summer, Ashley,

Ashley Carnes

Way Back in the crowd - Ashley B, Matt Price

Way back in the crowd - Alan, Matt, Ashley, others

Found in the crowd - Laura and Veronica

Found in the crowd - Rachel Burr

More chicks in white robes.

Some babe in black who stood in front of me - she looks pretty good.

Time to be getting serious - the ceremony is about to begin.

The Speech - is that guy back there sleeping?

Casey did an excellent job!!

The speech made Kristie cry!

Looks like Emily is fixin' to cry also, what a bunch of chicks!

Diploma Time!

She made it!!!

Ashley Brannen saying "See, I told you I am taller!"

Graduated Ashley Brannen

Graduated Ashley Carnes

Is that Mike Tyson going for Audrey's ear? Whatever he is doing it looks like she is having fun!

Graduated Audrey and Matt


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